About Us

CRISPR Classroom is an education technology company that is closing the gap between STEM innovation and education for all students.

The company leverages the expertise of scientists and storytellers to develop next-generation STEM curriculum at scale. With its foundations in science communication, the company's educational programs vertically integrate essential disciplines like genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics and more to advance STEM education for all students and teachers. 

Emergent biotechnologies are quickly shaping the lives of our students including, but not limited to the ability to rewrite life itself. CRISPR Classroom is at the forefront of these innovations enabling access by delivering next generation-aligned, hands-on genome engineering content and curriculum. 

Who we are

Vision & Mission

CRISPR Classroom was founded to revolutionize the biology classroom, helping make cutting-edge innovations accessible to all and ultimately producing the next-generation of scientists and inventors.


Storytelling and science are at the heart of CRISPR Classroom. Our team includes experienced scientists in the biotech, manufacturing, and hi-tech industries that collaborate with veterans in education to produce next high impact STEM content and curriculum.


CRISPR Classroom's vision for the future of the biology classroom will revolutionize how we teach our kids science. Their recent rapid advances delivering CRISPR educational programming to students and educators highlight their ability to execute with a multidisciplinary, customer-first approach. I look forward to contributing to the company's success as the business extends further into the education technology market. 

Benjamin Pietrzyk

Program Director at Uncommon Individual Foundation

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