CRISPR Classroom accepts two ExcitED summer interns

CRISPR Classroom, a new startup focused on teaching biology through CRISPR curriculum, has accepted two high school ExcitED summer interns in partnership with The Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research (PSBR) and William Tennet High School


July 27

Los Angeles, California - July 27, 2022 - CRISPR Classroom, a company that improves science education through interactive experiences and curricula, has announced the acceptance of two summer interns from ExcitED. Rising junior Erta Fonda and rising senior Zoe Dilts, both from William Tennent High School, received a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of CRISPR Classroom and helped contribute to the company’s growth. Throughout the six-week program, the interns learned about general entrepreneurship, customer discovery, marketing, sales, and practiced their science communication skills.

“Erta and Zoe gained a tremendous amount of experience working as interns for CRISPR classroom. In addition to the marketing and entrepreneurship skills related to their work, they gained invaluable soft skills they will be able to transfer to all of their future academic endeavors. Both Erta and Zoe reported improvements in their ability to solve problems and work with others, and also stated they felt less scared to try new things and fail. This experience will set Erta and Zoe ahead of many of their classmates and will undoubtedly give them an edge when looking at colleges and future internships.” Ignacio Jayo, Science Teacher, William Tennent High School

“I’m so proud of our students who took on an internship in a space that is hard for even the brightest adults to be successful in. These sorts of opportunities, like CRISPR Classroom, are so valuable and offer students the chance to close opportunity gaps. Borth Erta and Zoe seemed thrilled with their experience and ExcitED is looking forward to growing this partnership with CRISPR Classroom.” - Steven Beal, Science Teacher, William Tennent High School

Zoe and Erta were challenged to quickly understand CRISPR Classroom social media channels and develop content appropriate for the company’s audience. Together, the interns created over 150 Instagram posts which included finding and researching the content topic, designing the graphic, writing the post text, and scheduling the post for publishing. Two of these content pieces are shown below. Follow CRISPR Classroom’s Instagram @crisprclassroom to see even more of Zoe and Erta’s hard work.