CRISPR Classroom Joins Caruso Incubator

CRISPR Classroom, an education technology company that uses CRISPR to teach biology, is excited to be accepted into the Caruso Incubator.


March 1

Los Angeles, California - March 1, 2022 - CRISPR Classroom, an EdTech company empowering students and educators to use CRISPR technology, is excited to join the Caruso Incubator with the Uncommon Individual Foundation. Since 2015, the Caruso Incubator has helped more than 75 entrepreneurial teams refine their business plans and raise more than $13 million in capital. Through the Incubator, CRISPR Classroom will take advantage of UIF’s mentoring community and other resources. The incubator also holds regular meetups for its members, which will provide CRISPR Classroom with an opportunity to share their products and services with a large group of mentors, advisors, customers, and investors.

CRISPR Classroom is made up of a team of educators, engineers, and scientists passionate about making CRISPR education accessible to the masses. The company aims to make the technology engaging to students and educators by developing a hands-on curriculum that will allow students to learn about the science behind CRISPR and the ways it can be applied in real-world situations.

"CRISPR Classroom's vision for the future of the biology classroom will revolutionize how we teach our kids science. Their recent rapid advances delivering CRISPR educational programming to students and educators highlight their ability to execute with a multidisciplinary, customer-first approach. I look forward to contributing to the company's success as the business extends further into the education technology market." - Ben Pietrzyk, Director Caruso Incubator

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