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Gene Knockout: gRNA Design to Analysis

CRISPR Analytics - Learn how to design and analyze CRISPR experiments hands-on

Gene Knockout Mini Course


Last updated 06/2022


(631 ratings)

1,211 students

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Gene Knockout_ gRNA Design to Analysis

What you'll learn

✔️ Gain basic understanding of HIV biology and life cycle

✔️ Learn how CRISPR is being tested to cure HIV

✔️ Use bioinformatic tools to design Cas9 guide RNAs

✔️ Use DNA management software to annotate gene sequences

✔️ Design PCR/sequencing oligonucleotides for genetic analysis 

✔️ Analyze a CRISPR gene knockout experiment

This course includes:

Professional Certificate

Q&A discussion forum

7 downloadable resources

Access on mobile and TV

1 Analysis Challenge

Hands-on follow along

~3 hours, self-paced

Learners from top organizations have already joined


Course content


An brief introduction to HIV biology and CRISPR

Design a CRISPR experiment

Walkthrough: Annotate DNA, design gRNAs, design primers

Perform a CRISPR experiment

General overview of a standard CRISRP experiment

Analyze a CRISPR experiment

Practice analyzing real CRISPR experimental samples

Final Challenge

Correctly interpret your CRISPR experiment

Course Syllabus


Gene Knockout Mini Course is an online CRISPR course where you will learn to use the latest bioinformatic tools to design and analyze a CRISPR experiment. Your instructor, Dr. Kris, walks you through step by step starting with using publicly available databases to find your gene sequence followed by a walkthrough of Cas9 gRNA and primer design, and finally using the latest in analytical techniques to analyze real CRISPR experimenal samples from gene edited stem cells. 

Featured review

Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 9.12_edited-2.jpg

Miranna Shamlian


American College of Greece

2 weeks ago

Mainly yes, CRISPR Classroom introduced to me to different gene editing tools and analysis tools and taught me how to comprehend and use them. It was very good at giving some hands-on experience, at least with the software.

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Kris Tatiossian, PhD is a scientist with 10 years of experience working with genome engineering tools in both the academic and industry setting. She has multiple, peer-reviewed publications and awards for her research, speaking engagements, and mentorship.

      4.6 course rating  •  631 ratings

Bayan Abdullah Mallar

2 months ago

Dr. Kris are amazing scientist that explained the technique in most efficient way. I would like to thank her for all the effort she do for science lovers all over the world 

Sefti Heza Dwinanti

1 week ago

I need more practice to input my data, however this classroom help me a lot

Sarah Schuetz

2 months ago

Personally I think there is much more behind, especially in primer design (GC%, melting temperature etc.). Honestly, I expected some more specific, technical details. For me  it was too easy.

David Gonzalez

3 weeks ago

Yes, The course lays out an easy to follow design to analysis just as the title for the course suggest. 

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