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Discover how CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing works and how it's being applied in our world today

CRISPR Foundations


Last updated 08/2022


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What you'll learn

✔️ Gain an introductory overview of the CRISPR/Cas9 Revolution

✔️ Learn how CRISPR gene editing works to change DNA

✔️ Understand how scientists discover and engineer new Cas variants

✔️ Describe the applications of CRISPR gene editing in our world

✔️ Discover how a drug goes from research to the clinic 

✔️ Review the ethical considerations of CRISPR gene editing

This course includes:

Professional Certificate

Free Bonus Lesson! Cas Variants

3 written articles

Q&A discussion forum

5 Challenge Assignments

Access on mobile and TV

5 hours, self-paced

English subtitles

Learners from top organizations have already joined

Course content

The CRISPR/Cas9 Revolution

35 min

An introductory overview of gene editing biotechnology

Designer Gene Editing

52 min

Learn how CRISPR really works to edit DNA

CRISPR Applications

1hr 10 min

How CRISPR is being applied to cure disease

Science Commercialization


How an idea turns into a clinical product

Plus FREE bonus lesson!

58 min

How scientists create and discover new Cas proteins


CRISPR Foundations is an online CRISPR course where you will learn what CRISPR is, how it works, and how it's revolutionizing our world. Your instructor, Dr. Kris, starts at step 1 - what is CRISPR? And by the end, you'll know how CRISPR actually rewrites DNA and how scientists are expanding the CRISPR toolbox through metagenomics and protein engineering. Plus, a very deep dive into the CRISPR cure for sickle cell disease. Finally, ever wondered how an idea in someone's head gets turned into a drug? That's the last stop of this tour. Learn how new ideas are formed and tested, the checkpoints for moving them forward in clinical development, and the various occupations available throughout this drug product development lifecycle. 

Featured review

Portrait at Work

Anabela Simão


Veer Narmad South Gujarat university

2 weeks ago

Thank you for the amazing course. The presentation was perfect and many opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples and applications, which made the sessions enjoyable and informative. 

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Kris Tatiossian, PhD is a scientist with 10 years of experience working with genome engineering tools in both the academic and industry setting. She has multiple, peer-reviewed publications and awards for her research, speaking engagements, and mentorship.

      4.9 course rating  •  1065 ratings

Alejandro Fuentes

a month ago

As well as expanding my CRISPR kowledge, i feel a notably improvement at the time of doing a listening exercise for the C1 exam and my vocabulary has also been enhanced through this weeks.

Kartikey Matte

1 week ago

Well, there are very few things to nit-pick from the programme as it is a well laid programme with plenty of information  and easy accessibility.

Neha Suresh

2 months ago

Loved the course! Thank you so much for putting together this platform!

Shatha Abusenema

3 weeks ago

I am not very interested at science commercialization, or actually I struggle in understanding information related to companies and laws. but I enjoined the CRISPR ethics part.

CRISPR Foundations
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