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Welcome to CRISPR Classroom! Thx for checking us out :) 

If you landed here, you probably enjoyed one of our posts and you're wondering - "what the heck is CRISPR Classroom?.. sounds interesting" 

It's pretty simple really, at CRISPR Classroom we give you access to frontier knowledge. You know, the stuff happening right now in our world, at the bleeding-edge of innovation, like CRISPR gene editing. 

  • So students can learn the relevant science essential for the real-world biotech industry. 

  • So professionals in sales, BD, marketing, and recruitment can acquire the content knowledge needed to better support scientists as customers/clients.

  • So curious people in general (yes, I see you too... the "random" linguist or teacher or hardwood flooring remodeler who stumbled on this page just wondering if you could learn too... You can, you will understand, nay - be amazed! by the science we teach, guaranteed) 

Any doubts? Just give it a shot... there's no harm in a free preview. 


Have fun! 


Dr. Kris


CRISPR Classroom


P.S. You can view and learn more about our available and upcoming online courses HERE