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Learn cutting-edge science
Hear from different perspectives
See the diversity
Get their questions answered
Improve their curiosity
Explore STEM careers options

begin to dream.

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With STEAMmates you can invite diverse scientists to your classrooms throughout the school year

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Dr. Jackson, EdD, Vice Principal, California

“I think when they see someone from outside of school, knowing that this person is in the real world going to school, going for their degree, either a graduate degree or work—just being outside of school and actually being interested in science, enjoying science, enjoying kids, I think that means a lot to them.”
Image by Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma'aji


Enabling educators. Motivating students.

Inclusive & Accessible, showcase an array of STEM career opportunities through personal connections with culturally, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse scientists. 


Collaborative & Personalized,
empower students to ask the questions they need answered - from student loans to college majors to various scientific disciplines and career tracts.

Virtual, leverage new virtual spaces to connect students and teachers with STEM professionals living and working around the world! Our specialists are trained to highlight opportunities and review problems that impact student's immediate and global community. 


August featured STEAMmate

Bring Dr. Veronica Ortiz to your students!


Dr. Veronica Ortiz, PhD

Cancer Biologist

"Hi, I’m Dr. Ortiz!


I’m a cancer researcher, bioinformatician, published author, expert science communicator, and a STEAMmate! I am proudly Guatemalan-American and a first generation college graduate. In my past, I’ve had to overcome many struggles to get to where I am today including family loss, financial challenges, my own mental and physical health, but I have been able to overcome every obstacle, which ultimately shaped the strong woman I am today. 

I am passionate about mentoring future generations of scientists and actively seek out these opportunities. I’ve been...

  • VP and Director of Social Media for STEM Community Outreach for Graduate Students 

  • Public Relations and Lecturer at CodeOn!

  • Program Coordinator and Mentor with the Health Science Mentors  

If I had the opportunity to meet your students I would like to teach them that their perception of who they want to be is more valuable than what others perceive of them. And to always remember, difficult times are not forever, they will come and go." 

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