The Genome Explorer experience

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Genetic engineering kit, includes all ingredients, agar and broth, Petri dishes, inoculation loops, microtubes, and associated curriculum content. For educational purposes only - not for self-administration. 

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Become a scientist, learn genome engineering hands-on

Genetic engineering technologies, like CRISPR, are revolutionizing research, medicine, agriculture, space science, forensics, and so much more. Now your kids can do real experiments in genome engineering in the kitchen or classroom by joining CRISPR Classroom's The Genome Explorer experience. 

The Genome Explorer Contents

Each order contains materials for up to 4 learners. 

Items to store at -20ºC (standard freezer)

• E. coli, lyophilized
• Mystery tube A
• Mystery tube B
• Antibiotic powder

Items to store at room temperature

• LB nutrient agar powder
• LB broth
• Sterile inoculation loops, 20
• Sterile Petri dishes, 12
• Sterile 2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes, 35

Digital & printable comprehensive curriculum

• CRISPR paper model
• 3x 20min introductory videos on CRISPR plus short quizzes aligned to SAT/AP Bio test questions
• Interactive protocols
• Digital experimental workbook
• Bonus! Hands-on bioinformatic lesson identifying gene sequences