We are CRISPR Classroom

An introduction to who we are and what we stand for.


CRISPR Classroom is an experiential biotechnology learning platform for people around the world interested in a career in science, research, medicine, or who are interested in simply learning more about next-generation biology.

Our story began as most stories do - with a problem. We believe advanced scientific education is not equitable worldwide. Some people - some countries - have privilege that allows easier access to the knowledge base of the scientific community. In fact, we know this to be the case based on dozens of interviews we've conducted with students around the world from Brazil to Lebanon to Switzerland.

Our goal is to make advanced scientific education equitable worldwide.

To bring this reality to light, we have designed interactive courseware through the collaboration of scientists and educators, that is built to sharpen your critical thinking, will allow you to explore science in an entirely new way, and with our current offerings, will empower you to become a genome engineer. We teach next-gen biotechnologies and their application to prepare students to become the change-makers of tomorrow.

It's simple, we do what we do because we believe in a world where everyone has equal access to cutting-edge science.

Our courses are offered direct-to-student or through academic and educational partnerships. For more information on how to get involved, how to sign up for courses, or inquiries about partnerships - follow us on social media and visit our website at www.crisprclassroom.org.


Learn the skills you need to change the world.

Try our on-demand course and learn how to do a CRISPR knockout. We provide you with lessons that feature the most cutting-edge methods to design, perform, and analyze CRISPR gene knockout experiments.

You've never experienced learning like this before.

What you get when you sign up: 1) A complete guide to perform a gene knockout experiment in the lab 2) Improved career readiness with upskilled biotech knowledge 3) Certificate of Achievement to help you advance your career

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