How to Read a Scientific Publication

In this post, we dissect one of our favorite publications to teach you how to succeed at doing one of the hardest and, without a doubt, one of the most important things to become a successful scientist, researcher, and/or experimenter. Reading scientific publications takes patience with yourself, and we created this resource to help you learn with some guidance. But remember, the key is to just keep reading! Practice, practice, practice :)


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How do you learn more about CRISPR?

Unfortunately, learning CRISPR independently without an expert guide can be quite challenging. The critical information is often buried in primary publications which can be unfriendly to read to say the least (but hopefully with this guide, you can at least get started!). Sources like YouTube or random articles online can get you part of the way, but often the reputation of the speakers or writers is questionable. As a result, most people lack access to learn about CRISPR. CRISPR Classroom is here to solve that with our accessible online courses - learn CRISPR and earn certificates from anywhere in the world whether you're in High School or getting your PhD!

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