CRISPR Classroom's Dr. Kris Tatiossian Interviewed on #TechItUp Podcast with Dr. Jocelyn MacDonald

CRISPR Classroom's Dr. Kris Tatiossian visited the TechItUp Podcast to discuss how biotechnology is continuing to evolve in our society and how it impacts our daily interactions with each other and the way we teach our students. With a focus on genome engineering science and education, CRISPR Classroom is closing the gap between STEM innovation and education by making genome engineering accessible for all. In this interview Dr. Kris goes into more detail about her work as a geneticist and educator, while also providing insight into what she sees happening in the future of STEM education through CRISPR Classroom's lens.

In addition to discussing the company's focus on making genome engineering more accessible to students, Dr. Kris also discusses the power of curiosity as a driving force behind her work as a scientist and educator. Through her work at CRISPR Classroom, Dr. Kris has been able to inspire curiosity in many students and show them how to explore STEM fields.

Listen to the full podcast here: