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CRISPR Classroom Launches to Close the Gap Between STEM Innovation & Education

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Educators and CRISPR scientists band together to improve student outcomes in STEM with hands-on, high quality educational experiences focused around genome engineering


Jun 21

Los Angeles, California - June 21, 2021 - CRISPR Classroom, a leading provider of genome engineering courses and curriculum, officially launches today. CRISPR Classroom's flagship product, CRISPR Foundations online course, features on-demand lectures designed to make innovative genetic technologies digestible for the masses. CRISPR Foundations is the first product to offer economical access to frontier knowledge for students and professionals pursuing a career in STEM.

CRISPR scientist, Kristina Tatiossian, PhD, founded CRISPR Classroom after identifying an opportunity to significantly improve how STEM education is conducted in classrooms and at home. CRISPR Classroom is focused on removing longstanding barriers to STEM education, such as aging curriculums, lack of hands-on activities, misunderstanding of the scientific profession, and inaccessible innovative content that often interferes with educator's (incl. parent's) ability to train and teach their kids STEM.

"Our primary goal with CRISPR Classroom is to break through these barriers for quality STEM education by translating common scientific experiences to make them at-home and in-classroom compatible and comprehensible" said Dr. Kris, founder of CRISPR Classroom. "CRISPR Classroom is the merger of STEM innovation and education to create a well-oiled science education company that brings its users closer to new discoveries than ever before."

The CRISPR Classroom Approach

CRISPR Classroom is closing the gap between STEM innovation and education by hosting engaging online certificate courses, reducing financial barriers to access frontier knowledge, personally connecting students to scientists, and delivering hands-on, project-based learning experiences. Its first commercial product, CRISPR Foundations online course, is aimed at developing the future workforce to satisfy the rapidly expanding CRISPR genome engineering and research industries.

"CRISPR Classroom went above and beyond my needs and expectations," said Oscar Hanson, undergraduate, Barea College, KY. "I have never been exposed that deep into biomedical content before. I was expecting to learn only about CRISPR, but I also learned about the biotech industry and the processes surrounding biomedical research. I was absolutely thankful to learn about the procedural aspects of science. As an aspiring MD/PhD, this course definitely fulfilled my needs!"

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Kristina Tatiossian, PhD

(818) 312-7478


CRISPR Classroom was founded to close the gap between STEM innovation and education, helping lower the barriers that parents, students, and educators face when searching for enriching and hands-on educational content. The company leverages their deep expertise in science storytelling to build learning programs for students at scale. With its foundations in educational innovation, the company's platforms integrate courses, hands-on experimental kits, and career education to advance both educator- and student-led initiatives. With its users from over 40 countries and thousands of others following their story on social media, CRISPR Classroom is at the forefront of STEM education enabling the next generation of students to think critically, solve complex problems, and address our most pressing issues with logic and creativity.

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