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CRISPR Classroom accepted to USC's EDGE Accelerator!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

CRISPR Classroom, a EdTech company closing the gap between STEM innovation and education has been accepted into the University of Southern California's (USC) Engagement Driven Global Education (EDGE) Accelerator. The Center EDGE by USC is an impactful accelerator that supports only the most innovative and engaging companies working towards shaping the future of education. With accelerator companies having raised more than $83M dollars to date, the EDGE Accelerator is well versed in hosting and training promising EdTech startups, like CRISPR Classroom who will be joining other powerhouse startups in this unique opportunity to grow.


November 9

Los Angeles, California - November 9, 2022 - CRISPR Classroom leverages the expertise of scientists and storytellers to develop next-generation STEM courses and curriculum at scale. Simply put, CRISPR Classroom breaks down the barriers that prevent access to frontier knowledge for clinicians, educators, students, and professionals alike. With its foundations in science storytelling, the company's educational programs vertically integrate essential disciplines like genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics and more to advance cutting-edge STEM education.

As part of the EDGE Accelerator, CRISPR Classroom will be receiving expert advice on business development, marketing, fundraising, and other essential activities for startups. CRISPR Classroom will be working with an accomplished group of mentors and other promising startups to refine their business strategy. The accelerator will also provide them with networking and partnership opportunities to expand their reach in the education sector. This selection is a great indicator that the work CRISPR Classroom is doing is meaningful, progressive, and that they’re on the right track to make a difference for the STEM education community.

"Our USC EdTech accelerator is a very competitive program supporting top ranked education companies. We're happy to include CRISPR Classroom in our current cohort and look forward to working with them." Doug Lynch, Managing Director, USC Rossier Education Technology Accelerator.

“This is an important milestone for CRISPR Classroom, and we're very excited to be part of the EDGE accelerator. Our team will be working hard to make the most of this opportunity to expand science education. We greatly appreciate USC EDGE’s support and believe that together, we can make biology fun and accessible for everyone!” - Kris Tatiossian, PhD, Founder of CRISPR Classroom



Kristina Tatiossian, PhD


CRISPR Classroom is disrupting STEM education and bringing learners closer to frontier scientific knowledge than previously possible. CRISPR Classroom, a new education technology start-up company, is the first-of-its-kind to use engaging storytelling to teach revolutionary innovations and make it digestible to the masses. Thanks to their high-impact content created in collaboration between scientists and veteran educators, CRISPR Classroom's courses are among the fastest growing online biology courses with rapid global adoption from learners from over 50 different countries. CRISPR Classroom is the merging of STEM innovation and education to create a well-oiled science education company that brings its users closer to frontier knowledge than ever before.

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