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College & Career Preparation

Reimagine college & career preparation for your students 

HELIX Connex for educators
Fuel curiousity and connection by inviting diverse STEM professionals to your classrooms throughout the
school year

Classroom Innovation

Make sure your students defy the statistic
Science Class

How to bring CRISPR to your Classroom


From research to curriculum development, we show you the simplest way to start incorporating CRISPR in your classroom.

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Get funded - grant writing tips and tricks


The complete guide to master the art of persuasion in your grant writing with proven written examples.

Pipetting Samples

Show off the human side of science


Rethink what's possible with your college and career prep programs. Hear our founder's story and learn why she developed HELIX Connex.

Intro to CRISPR

What is CRISPR? 

CRISPR is a genetic biotechnology that allows scientists to modify DNA and therefore, rewrite biology. CRISPR is revolutionizing modern medicine, agriculture, forensics, space exploration, research, and more. 
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programs & kits

Advanced genome engineering, accessible to all 

CRISPR online courses
Unprecedented access to CRISPR genome engineering. On your time, your pace with guaranteed learning.
Hands-on genome engineering kits
Design and engineer your own genetically modified organisms with our at-home or
in-classroom safe kit. 


  • Ease into the field of genome engineering with our short, punchy, educational videos on Instagram or TikTok

  • Read our complete guide on how to incorporate genetic engineering in your classroom

  • Get help to write the grants you need to fund innovative STEM programs in your classroom

  • Learn how you can show off the human side of science by inviting scientists to your classroom

Our Community



Medical Academy for Science and Technology

Homestead, Florida

"Having a scientist visit my classroom, even virtually, really helps expand the horizons of my students" - Mrs. Liz, Biology Teacher


The Medical Explorers - Savannah District

Savannah, Georgia

"Having a scientist visit my classroom, even virtually, really helps expand the horizons of my students" - Ms. Foley, Program Coord.


Palisades Park High School

Palisades Park, New Jersey

"Having a scientist visit my classroom, even virtually, really helps expand the horizons of my students" - Ms. Lewris, Biology Teacher

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